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Config map handling

If we have jobs running on the EKS cluster, that maintains a config map with the owner reference of the pod. So, how cast ai evictor will handle this case? will it evict the pod to another node, and in that way config map can also be removed since it has owner reference of pod but I do not want config map to be removed.

I only want to run CAST AI for monitoring what IAM permission do i need?

As far as i understand in only need the following please confirm AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess IAMReadOnlyAccess

Does Cast AI supports Oracle Cloud

I am using Oracle Cloud - OKE, the manage Kubernetes engine. Since I did not find anything related to this, Can anyone help to get this answer. Thanks.

How does allocation groups works?

im running cast ai in aws eks cluster 1.23 i'm trying to create allocations groups based on teams. I have already selected by the namespace and a few tags like app.kubernetes.io/name=service-name or app.kubernetes.io/instance=service-name but it doesnt work so far. if i go to the workloads i can see the current cost of all services running and also in the namespace section i can see the current cost of the namespace. it's like there is no recognition about the tags i'm selecting. also i have already created a new tag for the deployment like "team": "some-team" and it's not working so far. can you lend me a hand with this?