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Connect cluster

To connect your cluster, log in to the CAST AI console and navigate to Connect cluster window, GKE tab. Copy the pre-generated script and run it inside your terminal or cloud shell. Make sure that kubectl is installed and can access your cluster.


The script will create following kubernetes objects related to castai-agent agent:

  • namespace and deployment
  • serviceaccount and secret
  • clusterrole and clusterrolebinding
  • role and rolebinding
  • resourcequota
  • configmap

After the installation, your cluster name will appear below connection instructions as well as in the Clusters list.


From there, you can open the Available savings report and explore a detailed savings estimate based on your cluster configuration.

The agent will run in read-only mode providing saving suggestions without any actual modifications.

Credential onboarding

To unlock all the benefits and enable automatic cost optimization, CAST AI must have access to your cluster. The following section describes the steps required to onboard the GKE cluster on the CAST AI console. To make it less troublesome, we created a script that automates most of the steps.


  • gcloud - A command line tool for working with GKE services using commands in your command-line shell. For more information, see Installing gcloud.

  • IAM permissions – The IAM user that you're using must have:

    • Access to the project where the cluster is created.
    • Permissions to work with IAM, GKE, and compute resources.
    • The CAST AI agent has to be running on the cluster.

Onboarding steps:

To onboard your cluster, go to the Available Savings report and click on the Start saving or Enable CAST AI button. The button's name will depend on the level of optimization available for your cluster.

Copy the pre-generated script and run it inside your terminal or cloud shell. The script will create new GKE service account with the required roles. The generated user will have the following permissions:

  • /roles/cast.gkeAccess (created by script) - access to get / update your GKE cluster and manage compute instances.
  • roles/container.developer - access to resources within the Kubernetes cluster.

That’s it! Your cluster is onboarded. Now you can enable CAST AI Autoscaler to keep your cluster configuration optimal.

Connect your cluster here

Disconnect GKE cluster

In order to disconnect your cluster from CAST AI click Disconnect cluster button in Clusters list and follow the guidance. Alternatively, run the following command from your terminal used to access the cluster:

kubectl delete deployment castai-agent -n castai-agent

Once the cluster is disconnected, its Status will change to Disconnected and you can choose to remove it from the console by pressing the Delete cluster button.

The cluster will continue to run as normal, since the Delete cluster action only removes it from CAST AI console.