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External cluster troubleshooting

This guide is intended for users who are experiencing issues while connecting their EKS, GCP, or AKS clusters to CAST AI. Once the cluster is connected, you can check the Status field in the Clusters overview screen to understand if cluster is operating as expected.

Further sections will cover the most common issues and how to resolve them.

Your cluster does not appear in the Connect Cluster screen

If a cluster does not appear in the Connect your cluster screen after you've run the connection script, perform following steps.

  1. Check agent container logs:

    kubectl logs -n castai-agent -l -c agent
  2. You might get output similar to this:

    time="2021-05-06T14:24:03Z" level=info msg="starting the agent"
    time="2021-05-06T14:24:03Z" level=info msg="using cluster provider discovery"
    time="2021-05-06T14:24:03Z" level=fatal msg="agent failed: registering cluster: getting cluster name: describing instance_id=i-026b5fadab5b69d67: UnauthorizedOperation: You are not authorized to perform this operation.\n\tstatus code: 403, request id: 2165c357-b4a6-4f30-9266-a51f4aaa7ce7"

This particular example indicates that we failed to collect the relevant data required to identify your cluster on our system.

To solve this issue:

  1. Create a deployment file such as this:

    apiVersion: apps/v1
    kind: Deployment
      name: castai-agent
      namespace: castai-agent
        "": castai-agent
      replicas: 1
          "": castai-agent
            "": castai-agent
          serviceAccountName: castai-agent
            - name: autoscaler
                - /cpvpa
                - --target=deployment/castai-agent
                - --namespace=castai-agent
                - --poll-period-seconds=300
                - --config-file=/etc/config/castai-agent-autoscaler
                - mountPath: /etc/config
                  name: castai-agent-autoscaler
            - name: agent
              image: "castai/agent:v0.20.0"
                - name: API_URL
                - name: EKS_ACCOUNT_ID
                  value: {YOUR-AWS-ACCOUNT-ID} # FILL THIS
                - name: EKS_REGION
                  value: {YOUR-EKS-CLUSTER-REGION} # FILL THIS
                - name: EKS_CLUSTER_NAME
                  value: {YOUR-CLUSTER-NAME} # FILL THIS
                - secretRef:
                    name: castai-agent
                  cpu: 100m
                  cpu: 1000m
            - name: castai-agent-autoscaler
                name: castai-agent-autoscaler
  2. Add the values for the missing parts next to the #FILL THIS comment.

  3. Apply the deployment file using kubectl apply -f deployment.yaml.

TLS handshake timeout issue

In some edge cases due to specific cluster network setup agent might fail with the following message in the agent container logs:

time="2021-11-13T05:19:54Z" level=fatal msg="agent failed: registering cluster: getting namespace \"kube-system\": Get \"\": net/http: TLS handshake timeout" provider=eks version=v0.22.1

To resolve this issue delete castai-agent pod. The deployment will recreate the pod and issue will be resolved.

Refused connection to control plane

When enabling cluster optimization for the first time, the user runs the pre-generated script to grant required permissions to CAST AI as shown below.

Error message No access to Kubernetes API server, please check your firewall settings indicates that a firewall prevents communication between the control plane and CAST AI.

To solve this issue, allow access to CAST AI IP and then enable optimization again.

Disconnected or Not responding cluster

If cluster has a Not responding status, most likely the CAST AI agent deployment is missing. Press Reconnect and follow the instructions provided.

The Not responding state is temporary and if not fixed, the cluster will enter into the Disconnected state. A disconnected cluster can be reconnected or deleted from the console as shown.

The delete action only removes the cluster from the CAST AI console, leaving it running in the cloud service provider.

Upgrading the agent

To check which agent version is running on your cluster, run the following command:

kubectl describe pod castai-agent -n castai-agent | grep castai/agent:v

You can cross-check our Github repository for the number of the latest version available.

In order to upgrade the CAST AI agent version, please perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Connect cluster
  2. Select the correct cloud service provider
  3. Run the provided script

In case of an error when upgrading the agent:

  • i.e. MatchExpressions:[]v1.LabelSelectorRequirement(nil)}: field is immutable
    • run the following command: kubectl delete deployment -n castai-agent castai-agent and repeat the step 3.

The latest version of CAST AI agent is now deployed in your cluster.

Deleted agent

In case CAST AI agent deployment got deleted from the cluster, you can re-install the agent by re-running the script from Connect cluster screen. Please ensure you have chosen the correct cloud service provider.


If you are still encountering any issues, ping us with logs output at: