Get a Kubernetes agent install script

All parameters are optional. If no parameters are provided, then the script will default to EKS configuration.

The returned install script can be run in your terminal to install the
CASTAI Kubernetes agent. The script can also be used to update an already
running agent in your cluster.

The agent supports automatic discovery of cluster properties. However, if you specify at least one of the
properties, then all properties for that provider must be specified.

OpenShift (ROSA) supports autodiscovery so choosing it does not require any OpenShift parameters. However, autodiscovery
can be turned off by providing the properties explicitly. When any of the OpenShift parameters are provided, then
all OpenShift parameters must be provided, with the exception of openshift.runAsUser, openshift.runAsGroup and openshift.fsGroup,
which are optional and can be specified without the other parameters.

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