Runtime security



This feature is available as a private preview. If you want to participate, register via the form at the button of the portal container security page.

Kubernetes runtime security provides:

  • Anomalies detection based on machine learning and a fast automated rules engine.
  • Network policies suggestions and automation.
  • Security context suggestion and automation. Includes advanced seccomp profiles for each individual container group.

The public demo is available at


The flows page displays the services network map.

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Workload profiles

The Workloads profile shows many details about workload.

  • Learned Events show learned event patterns for anomaly detection and real-time container drift blocking.
  • Live Events show samples of real-time events.
  • Resource Usage displays CPU/Memory/Network usage.
  • Syscalls show syscalls counts in time series.
  • Security Context shows suggestions for most security contexts that are recommendation-based.
  • If container drift security automation is enabled, the workload admission controller will apply seccomp profiles and patch pods to apply the securityContext field on pod containers.
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Anomalies pages show detected anomalies. Anomaly contains network graph unexpected events details.

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Network policies

Network policies pages show suggested network policies. Details also include network graph and Kubernetes network policy YAML.

Network policy automation is applied for selected namespace when enabled.

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