Spot handler

Spot Handler is the component responsible for scheduled events monitoring and delivering them to the central platform. It's open source and can be found on github.

Install spot-handler

By default spot-handler is installed during your cluster onboarding using helm chart

If for some reasons it was uninstalled you can install it manually.

Add CAST AI helm charts repository.

helm repo add castai-helm
helm repo update

Now let's install it.

helm upgrade --install cluster-controller castai-helm/castai-spot-handler -n castai-agent \
  --set castai.apiKey=<your-api-token> \
  --set castai.clusterID=<your-cluster-id> \ 
  --set castai.provider=<your-CSP-provider> #aws, gcp, azure

Upgrade spot-handler

In order to upgrade this component to the latest version, run the following command:

helm repo add castai-helm
helm repo update
helm upgrade castai-spot-handler castai-helm/castai-spot-handler --reuse-values -n castai-agent


Check spot-handler logs

kubectl logs -l name=spot-handler -n castai-agent