Cluster controller

Cluster controller is responsible for handling certain Kubernetes actions such as draining and deleting nodes, adding labels, approving CSR requests. It's open source and can be found on github.

Install cluster-controller

By default cluster controller is installed during your cluster onboarding using helm chart

If for some reasons it was uninstalled you can install it manually.

Add CAST AI helm charts repository.

helm repo add castai-helm
helm repo update

You can list all available components and versions.

helm search repo castai-helm

Expected example output

NAME                                    CHART VERSION   APP VERSION     DESCRIPTION
castai-helm/castai-agent                0.18.0          v0.23.0         CAST AI agent deployment chart.
castai-helm/castai-cluster-controller   0.17.0          v0.14.0         CAST AI cluster controller deployment chart.
castai-helm/castai-evictor              0.10.0          0.5.1           Cluster utilization defragmentation tool
castai-helm/castai-spot-handler         0.3.0           v0.3.0          CAST AI spot handler daemonset chart.

Now let's install it.

helm upgrade --install cluster-controller castai-helm/castai-cluster-controller -n castai-agent \
  --set castai.apiKey=<your-api-token> \
  --set castai.clusterID=<your-cluster-id>


For AKS clusters you should also pass --set aks.enabled=true

Upgrade cluster-controller

Cluster controller supports auto-update out of the box and is enabled by default. However sometimes it cannot be updated due to changes in RBAC and requires manual upgrade.

Upgrade to latest version.

helm repo update
helm upgrade cluster-controller castai-helm/castai-cluster-controller --reuse-values -n castai-agent \


Check cluster-controller logs

kubectl logs -l -n castai-agent

Auto updates

By default cluster-controller can update itself by receiving update action (scheduled by CAST AI). However, it cannot update other components such as castai-evictor, castai-spot-handler or castai-agent.

You can explicitly bind role such as cluster-admin to castai-cluster-controller service account. This will allow cluster-controller to manage all other CAST AI components automatically.

cat <<EOF | kubectl apply -f -
kind: ClusterRoleBinding
  name: castai-cluster-controller-admin
  kind: ClusterRole
  name: cluster-admin
  - kind: ServiceAccount
    name: castai-cluster-controller
    namespace: castai-agent