Terraform provider

Management of your infrastructure can be automated using our Terraform provider.

Installation steps, example projects, and releases are available at the repository: https://github.com/castai/terraform-provider-castai.

API Key for Terraform

For long-term use for clusters managed via Terraform, you must use an API Key with Full Access created from the CAST AI UI. Follow this guide for obtaining-api-access-key.

Terraform and GitOps

When managing your cloud infrastructure using Terraform and GitOps check the following examples:

These examples show how to onboard your cluster to CAST AI using GitOps flow. In the listed scenarios CAST AI Node Configuration, Node Templates and Autoscaler policies are managed using Terraform, but all the components such as castai-agentcastai-cluster-controllercastai-evictorcastai-spot-handlercastai-kvisor can be installed using other tools e.g. ArgoCD, manual Helm releases, etc.