Security Reports

Extensive Kubernetes configuration can pose a challenge to cluster security. The CAST AI Security Report offers a solution.

The feature lets you scan your clusters for vulnerabilities and check them against industry best practices. As a result, you get reports with actionable insights for fixing the detected issues.

CAST AI assesses your clusters to ensure that your organization's Kubernetes security and DevOps configuration adhere to the Kubernetes best practices. It also provides an easy view of all images currently running across your organization's clusters and their vulnerabilities, regardless of the cloud service provider (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).

Security Reports are available to all users who have onboarded their clusters to the CAST AI solution. The list of all onboarded clusters can be found in the main menu of the CAST AI console.

Organization-level security reports

You can see a list of clusters onboarded to the security solution under the Security menu in the Settings section. Currently, CAST AI provides two organizational-level reports. Refer to the pages for more details on each of the reports.

Version for users with the read-only agent installed

By default, once you have connected your cluster to CAST AI, you can access a limited version of the Best Practice report and Node OS updates automation report without the ability to schedule periodic updates.

To generate these reports, we use the cluster state data from the read-only agent. This agent is the one that connects your cluster to CAST AI, so you don't need to take any additional steps to activate the report.