Event log

Workload Autoscaler automatically rightsizes workloads in your cluster, and you can find all the events from workload autoscaler actions in the Event log. The Event log is located under the Workload autoscaler category in the menu on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

What you’ll find in the Event log

Users can see detailed information about the following events:

  • Request updated events – you can see all request updated events together with information about the date and the workload to which it was applied. You can also see old requests and newly added requests.
  • Resource surge events – this event is logged when the CAST AI platform notes a significant increase in resource usage in comparison with known patterns.
  • Configuration changed events – you can check when workload configuration was changed, for which workload, and by whom.
  • OOM kill events – you can see when an event like that occurred and review the memory usage in relevant graphs.

Each event in the log can be viewed in the historical context of this workload, you can do that by clicking the "See in charts" button. Click on it to see the graph where the particular event is marked. The graph also displays history – you can select your history window length (last hour, last 24 hours, and last 7 days).