Can CAST AI components be installed to a namespace other than castai-agent?

At this time, only the castai-agent namespace is supported.

How often does the API key for the CAST AI Agent change?

The API key for the agent is generated and set once for a cluster during the onboarding phase. Rerunning the onboarding script will generate a new key, and pods for existing CAST AI components may need to be deleted if 401 authorization errors prevent them from running.

If you're using Terraform, you may need to invalidate the existing token and reapply your Terraform to get the CAST AI components working again.

Do both the agent and Helm chart need to get updated when there is a new release?

Yes, the agent and Helm chart must both be updated accordingly.

Does the CAST AI read-only agent in any way touch eBPF such as Cilium?

The CAST AI read-only agent doesn't interact with eBPF in any way. It only collects data using Kubernetes informers. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to read through its code - the agent is open-source.

Regarding the agent deployment via the Marketplace, will this update remove any of our existing configurations?

No, our team has conducted thorough testing and there is no requirement to reconfigure the clusters.