What is CAST AI's API rate limit?

The rate limit depends on the endpoint you use.

The information about rate limits is available as an annotation for the path: nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/limit-rps

CAST AI uses the Cloudflare default rate limiter before traffic arrives on our platform.

How can I use CAST AI's API to fetch prices for all namespaces between Date A and Date B?

One way to accomplish this is by creating an allocation group based on the specific namespaces or all namespaces you have for the given cluster.

Next, you need to generate a cost allocation group summary for the specific data range.

Check out these pages for further guidance:

How can I filter the auditlog by node-id and find what action CAST performed on this node for example: add, drain, delete

This can done with the api or UI:

How can I edit spotInstances.maxReclaimRate settings in the CastAI UI? I've set it differently for different instances via TF, but I can't seem to find where to edit these settings in the new UI.

The maxReclaimRate is no-op and has no effect on autoscaling. However, it is still included in the JSON for backward compatibility with older TF provider versions. We will add a deprecation flag to this field in the API.

Does CAST AI support Org-level API keys?

We currently do not support such a feature for Org-level API keys.