Cost comparison

Quickly grasp how efficient your cluster is becoming over time.

This report compares the cost of requested CPUs between two periods to help you better understand your achieved savings level. The difference between periods A and B visualizes how efficient your cluster is becoming over time.



Please remember that period A is a simulation based on calculations of the average costs of requested CPUs during that time.

CAST AI transforms it to reflect how high your period B configs expenses could have been with the average CPU cost from period A.

How to use the cost comparison report

You can find the report in your selected cluster’s Cost Monitoring section:

Alt text

To use it, select the required comparison date range and the start dates for periods A and B. Save your selection to generate the report.

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How to use data from this report

The top section of the report provides an overview of your savings, the average cost of requested CPUs, and the total cost of cluster configurations for both periods.

Note that period A configuration cost is a simulation using this period’s average CPU costs and the configuration from period B.

Alt text

Use the graphs to compare the average cost of requested CPUs and the average cost of provisioned CPUs for periods A and B.

Alt text

The difference between them measures how efficient your cluster configuration becomes over time.