Organizational cluster cost report

This report gathers compute cost details from all your organization’s clusters and presents them in one place. This data helps you better understand your total expenses and the number of provisioned resources.

You can find the report in the main CAST AI menu under the cost monitoring tab:

Alt text

What’s inside the report

The organizational cluster report presents compute cost data from all your clusters for periods between one day and one month.

It comprises the following three main sections:

1. Global cost overview

Alt text

This section provides a global overview of the total cost of your organization’s clusters in the period you select.

When you hover over the total cost graph line, you can see specific cost calculations for that day:

Alt text

This report section also presents the total cost and count of provisioned and requested CPUs and memory. It lets you view your expenses from all clusters divided by node lifecycles (on-demand, spot, fallback).

2. Your most expensive clusters

This section presents up to five most expensive clusters in your organization and visualizes how their compute costs changed over time:

Alt text

3. Detailed cluster list

This section includes a table with detailed information on each cluster, including its provisioned/requested and allocated resources and the cost per CPU and memory.

Alt text

The last column presents the total cost of each cluster. If you click its name, you can investigate its cost details in its cluster-view report.