Getting started

You will receive a Best Practices report by default when you use the CAST AI organizational-level Security Report. However, this report is limited in its scope. To access a more comprehensive assessment that includes CIS Benchmarks, the CAST AI security standard, vulnerability assessment of images running on your clusters, and many other features, you must enable automation of the Security feature on your cluster. Once you have enabled this feature, we will install the Kvisor security agent to provide enhanced security assessment capabilities.

How to enable the organizational-level Security Report

We recommend familiarizing with the Getting started and Enable automation sections for first-time users to get more details about the cluster onboarding procedure. If you are already familiar with CAST AI product, follow the procedures described below.

Installation via CAST AI console

Organizational-level Security can be enabled by clicking on the Enable CAST AI button in the top right corner after selecting a cluster:

and making sure that Deeper security insights are enabled:

Installation via CAST AI Helm or Terraform

You can install the Kvisor security agent using Helm charts or Terraform. Please refer to the Kvisor security agent page for instructions on installing it.