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CAST AI cluster metrics integration

CAST AI exposes Prometheus metrics api endpoint for integration with your existing Prometheus monitoring stack.

Setup guide

  1. Create readonly CAST AI API key via Console UI.

  2. Configure Prometheus scrape job:

  3. Replace {apiKey} with your api key.

  - job_name: 'castai_cluster_metrics'
    scrape_interval: 15s
    scheme: https
      - targets: ['']
    metrics_path: '/v1/metrics/prom'
      type: 'Token'
      credentials: '{apiKey}'
    # Optional filter by clusters. Field clusterName is the same as on GET /v1/kubernetes/external-clusters/{clusterId} response clusterNameId field.
    # params:
    #   clusterNames:
    #     - 'cluster1-bd9e12be'
    #     - 'cluster2-ca4e11a0'

Metrics by type

Cluster metrics can be used for observability and alerting purposes (e.g. Prometheus metrics can be integrated with PagerDuty to alert on call support engineers in case snapshots are not being received (or processed) for a set period of time, as it would mean that cluster is not autoscaling).

Note Label cast_node_type is deprecated instead of it please use castai_node_lifecycle

Name Type Description Action
castai_autoscaler_agent_snapshots_received_total Counter CAST AI Autoscaler agent snapshots received total. Check if Agent is running in the cluster.
castai_autoscaler_agent_snapshots_processed_total Counter CAST AI Autoscaler agent snapshots processed total. Contact CAST AI support.
castai_cluster_total_cost_hourly Gauge Cluster total cost hourly.
castai_cluster_compute_cost_hourly Gauge Cluster compute cost. Has a lifecycle dimensions which can be summed up to total cost: [on_demand, spot_fallback, spot].
castai_cluster_total_cost_per_cpu_hourly Gauge Normalized cost per CPU.
castai_cluster_compute_cost_per_cpu_hourly Gauge Normalized cost per CPU. Has a lifecycle dimension, similar to castai_cluster_compute_cost_hourly.
castai_cluster_allocatable_cpu_cores Gauge Cluster allocatable CPU cores.
castai_cluster_allocatable_memory_bytes Gauge Cluster allocatable memory.
castai_cluster_provisioned_cpu_cores Gauge Cluster provisioned CPU cores.
castai_cluster_provisioned_memory_bytes Gauge Cluster provisioner memory.
castai_cluster_requests_cpu_cores Gauge Cluster requested CPU cores.
castai_cluster_requests_memory_bytes Gauge Cluster requested memory.
castai_cluster_node_count Gauge Cluster nodes count.
castai_cluster_pods_count Gauge Cluster pods count.
castai_cluster_unschedulable_pods_count Gauge Cluster unschedulable pods count.
castai_evictor_node_target_count Gauge CAST AI Evictor targeted nodes count.
castai_evictor_pod_target_count Gauge CAST AI Evictor targeted pods count.

Example Grafana dashboard

Example Grafana dashboard can be found here

Example queries

Cost per cluster:

sum(castai_cluster_total_cost_hourly{}) by (castai_cluster)

Compute cost of spot instances of a specific cluster:

castai_cluster_compute_cost_hourly{castai_cluster="$cluster", lifecycle="spot"}

Received snapshots count:


Alert on missing snapshots:


Get castai_node_lifecycle(on_demand, spot, spot_fallback) of running nodes in cluster:

sum(castai_cluster_node_count{castai_cluster="$cluster"}) by (castai_node_lifecycle)

Get CPU cores provisioned for spot_fallback nodes:


Note: Replace $cluster with existing castai_cluster label value.